About Us

Texas Energy Products affiliated companies are engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus in the development of energy projects, including developing dashboards, mining, exporting of coal and metals, and constructing and operating wind, solar, and hydro-electric stations. We are also involved in projects involving the design and operation of ports and telecommunication networks

Goal and Strategy

Our goal and strategy is to continue our growth by partnering with innovative companies world wide. We have affiliated offices, partners and representatives spanning across the globe in the UK, USA, China & Russia to name a few. We also specialise in full service commodity brokerage, product management and product sourcing and pride ourselves on professionalism, quick-execution on all deals whilst at the same time maintaining constantly high-levels of service

Experience in international negotiations

The partners of Texas Energy Products has over 40 years of experience that spans over import-export activities, logistics, international negotiation, government service, commodity, and general business project management capabilities.

Georgia project : Underground Water and Soil Pollution Investigation

Myanmar Project : Irrigation Development Project of Agriculture

India Project: Waste Management

Projects in Eastern Europe (Montenegro): Infrastructure, Energy, Medical projects - to be announced