One of our primary missions is to develop green energy solutions while maintaining a commitment to conserve energy, natural resources, and help reduce pollutants and unwanted biological agents from the environment.

Texas Energy Products is a privately owned company. Our headquarters are based in the United States, with operations in the USA, France, Switzerland and the United Arab Emeriates. Texas Energy Products is dedicated to providing advanced power systems and energy services around the world.

Texas Energy Products's development of business ventures worldwide focus on the development of energy projects, including; mining, refining coal and metals. Texas Energy Products also facilitates the construction and operation of solar, wind, hydro power stations and recycling plants, and municipal waste strategies. Texas Energy Products also facilitates projects involving the design and operation of port facilities and telecommunication networks. We work closely with governments and communities to manage complex international relationships and develop critical infrastructure in order to help local economies grow and improve their people's quality of life.

Texas Energy Products was formed to bring together diverse interests and strategic partners. We will continue our growth by partnering with innovative companies, with a particular focus on a span of strategic groups and businesses.

Texas Energy Products has relationships with credible suppliers, refineries, consortia groups and governments worldwide.

  • Solar Power

    Texas Energy Products is engaging in projects with solar equipment, providers, and solar electric solutions in Japan and the United States.

  • Hydro Electric Energy

    We help develop strategies and solutions for major hydro electric installations in Asia and Europe.

  • Wind Power

    Texas Energy Products has exclusive contracts with proprietary wind power technologies and plans to facilitate the building of electric generating wind farms worldwide.

  • Oil and Gas

    Our primary focus is the oil and gas energy resources located in the Caspian Sea region. Texas Energy Products monitors and clears polluted oil and mineral trade sites as well as finding and building new drilling projects.

  • Mining

    Texas Energy Products is the primary facilitator for new business ventures in mining. Texas Energy Products engages in collaboration deals with local and international mining companies.

  • Recycling

    Texas Energy Products promotes new and green technologies in the recycling of plastics and tires. Texas Energy Products brings in new partners and creates business relationships for recycling projects in developing countries.