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Established in 2016, Texas Energy Products is a US based manufacturer and supplier of unique, market leading, high performance, environmentally friendly, innovative drilling fluid technologies and equipment.

We offer a full range of fluid end expendables including valves and seats. Most of our fluid end parts are available for immediate delivery and are interchangeable with most other fluid ends.

Manufactured from the highest quality of steel, our products offer the highest performance and sturdiness in the market today, bringing about a superior primary concern for its users.

Valves and Seats

TEP Pumps manufacturers a wide variety of high quality valves and seats. We offer plenty of configurations and materials to choose from such as our more popular salt bath nitrided 17-4 stainless steel. We also keep in stock a full line of Well Service inserted valves and o-ringed seats.

TEP Original Parts

Valves and Seats

TEP Pumps manufacturers a wide variety of high quality valves and seats. We offer plenty of configurations and materials to choose from such as our more popular salt bath nitrided 17-4 stainless steel. We also keep in stock a full line of Well Service inserted valves and o-ringed seats.


Piston Cup Assembly

Our engineers have developed piston assemblies with precision molded replaceable piston cups, molded in fabric reinforced nitrile rubber. Coupled with a 300 series stainless steel piston body, this assembly ensures optimum corrosion and abrasion resistance, regardless of liner material.


Stuffing Boxes

We manufacture replacement stuffing boxes in a variety of styles, sizes and materials for a broad range of packing arrangements and elastomers. The necessary precision in each box enables a perfect interface for maximum packing life even in the most demanding temperature and pressure conditions.


Connecting Rods

The entire TEP Pumps product line utilizes high strength cast ductile iron, maintaining stable housings for precision fit wrist pin bushings and crankshaft inserts. Each connecting rod is made from U.S. foundries and is machined on one of our precision CNC horizontal machining centers.

Pony Rod Glands

All of our pony rod glands are machined in-house on one of our many CNC lathes. The level of precision and finish in each gland gives an incredible repeatability from part to part. This consistency extends the life of each seal and pony rod which keeps you pumping longer in the field.

Suction Cap

A suction cup, also known as a sucker, is an object that uses the negative fluid pressure of air or water to adhere to nonporous surfaces, creating a partial vacuum.


This is designed for the oil industry and more specifically for the worker who operates on the monkey board. It includes added options for connection to the derrick belt and provides the worker with fall protection and comfort with the large frontal pad while positioning for the next drilling pipe.

Female Adapter

A female top adapter constructed from PEEK, an engineered plastic is available. This adapter supports the pressure This adapter supports the pressure ring and eliminates lantern ring cracking from very high discharge pressures.

Junk Ring

Junk rings, lantern rings, and adapters are required to fill the are required to fill the excess space inside the stuffing box. Some of the spacers are drilled or grooved to allow lubrication to allow lubrication to reach the packing.

Header Ring

  • Increases packing set longevity 3-4 times
  • Resists extrusion and nibbling
  • Enhances resistance to abrasive material
  • Resists Explosive Decompression
  • Wipes plungers better, preventing solids from Wipes plungers better, preventing solids from embedding in the pressure rings
  • Maintains packing tension and pre-load resulting in better sealing as packing begins to wear.+

Lantern Ring

Lantern Rings are normally used by pumps that use some type of liquid to operate. The Lantern Ring goes around a rotating shaft, with the opening on the side of the Lantern Ring designed to allow lubrication of oil, grease, or even water to be shot through to the bearing surface. This unique design allows for easy maintenance to the pumps without disassembly of the entire pump.

Packing Nut Seal

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations demanded by the industry, our fracking seals provide excellent performance even within the harshest of environmental and operating conditions.

Packing Nut

Plunger Clamp

The Plunger clamps have a straight line action. The clamps are either base mounted or nose mounted and can be threaded directly into the fixture or mounted by means of mounting bracket. The clamps range from light to heavy duty with a range of clamping strokes and are suitable for pushing components into position. The clamps toggle in both forward and rear positions.


Plungers pump the sand slurry mix out of the truck and into the well. To meet a variety of operations and customer needs, we offer multiple coatings to withstand wear and tear. Our customers can choose from a chrome coating, a tungsten carbide coating or an armor coating. We only offer solid plungers, eliminating any chance for failure that may occur with a hollow plunger.

Pressure Rings

As exploration and production of oil and gas reserves go deeper and hotter, sealing technologies must keep pace to withstand increasingly hostile conditions for longer periods of time.

TEP rings extend seal life by preventing extrusion of elastomeric seals in high pressure, high temperature environments. Under high pressure, the elastomer seal applies an axial force on to the wedged back-up set.


Compression spring ends often are ground to increase operational life and to allow the spring to sit squarely on the load-bearing surface. Grinding of compression springs also increases the number of active coils and the wire diameter available in a given volume of space, which can result in higher loads or lower stresses.

Valve Keeper

Our valves and valve seats are a reliable solution for high-pressure well service fracturing pumps, cementing pumps and mud pumps and have an extended life of 3-4 times. Valves are used to control the rate of flow in a line, to completely open a line, to completely shut off a line, or to serve as an automatic/semi-automatic safety device in oil & gas drilling processes.

Discharge Cap

And Many More!

We believe that making incredible pumps is just part of the game. Our main focus is taking care of our customers. That is why we stock a full line of pump replacement parts. We do our absolute best in meeting customer demands and continue to strive to be the most responsive pump company.